20 W Benson St, Reading, OH 45215

(513) 975-0440


The building of 20 W Benson has a rich history and we are incredibly proud to be the newest occupants. In 1887 Mrs. Josephine Ludlow opened a saloon located at 20 W Benson Street, and although the building briefly operated as a pharmacy from 1889 – 1939, it has since been the home to a variety of beloved bars and restaurants such as Poor Ben's and Hoops. We have worked incredibly hard to bring this storied building back to life with the goal of creating a welcoming environment for all, in hopes that it is a place where conversations will happen, relationships will grow, and where the community with gather.   

Seth and Lindsey Redwine created Redwine & Co. to be built upon the foundation of community. As local Reading residents, we know that it’s the people that make this place truly special.  We are passionate about our community, its residents, and those who visit it.